Customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  We don't just say that, we practice it every single day.

Blitz Insurance Group was established with the main goal of helping people save the most valuable things in their lives. Since our establishment we have been helping individuals as well as various companies throughout Florida. Our agents are always ready to help you solve personal and corporate insurance needs.

  • Auto Insurance for you and your family
  • Home and specialty personal insurance products
  • A dedicated staff to focus on your personal and professional insurance needs
  • Years of professional experience that you can rely upon
  • Unparalleled support and leading expertise in the insurance field

Providing unmatched insurance coverage and customer dedication

Our focus is our customers.  We are here to help with the burden of deciphering the types of insurance coverage needed for all of our customers.

Our Team

Daniel Suid
Agency Principal

Daniel Suid is the agency principal of the Blitz Insurance Group's Allstate Office.  Daniel comes from a teaching background and has a knack of explaining the differences between all policy options, so the customer can better understand the coverages needed.

Ron Blitz
Agency Owner

Ron brings 5 years of Allstate experience and 35 years of technology within insurance experience to this office. He keeps the company on the cutting edge of technology and constantly ensures all our customers get the best service available.

Hairston Michael
Licensed Sales Producer

Michael is an up and coming star. He has a great presence on the phone and is happy to explain coverages and ensure that each customer is treated with respect. His mission is to ensure that each customer of ours has the proper insurance and is happy to explain the different and sometimes confusing options for each policy.

Harry Shaefer
Licensed Sales Producer

Harry has great customer service skills and is fully licensed to match each prospective customer with the proper coverage. He takes great strides in matching our customers with the best coverage while applying appropriate discounts to save money. Harry is an ideal employee and demonstrates abilities to help continue our office's top tier success. He has been writing life and financial policies for many years and looks forward to helping our customers find the coverage that suits them best. Life insurance isn't always an easy discussion, but Harry takes the time and has the sensitivity to ensure a smooth transaction to cover the lives of you and your loved ones.

Tyler Rucker
Customer Service

Tyler is our customer service representative. He is very helpful with our customers who are up for renewals or just answering general questions about their policy. He is also a licensed insurance representative.

Christy Blitz
Licensed Sales Producer

Christy is our part-time licensed sales producer and office manager.  She has a can-do attitude and tries to find the best coverage for everyone. Christy brings vast insurance experience to our company and is pivotol in our customer satisfaction.

Tiffany St Hilaire
Licensed Sales Producer

Tiffany has several years insurance experience coming from the homeowner sector of property and casualty. Tiffany is very customer friendly and always matches our clients with the best coverage suited.

Keanna Spohn
Licensed Sales Producer

Keanna has been with Allstate for many years. She brings extensive Allstate experience to our team and coupled with her ability to match our customers with the proper coverage at the best rates, she is very friendly and knowledgable.

Christian Kelly
Sales Manager

Our sales manager Christian has been customer and team focused for years now.  With respect to policies, he is able to assist our producers with tough parameters.  He has a great attitude and is happy to help on-board new customers as well as problem solve for our existing customers.  Christian has been in a few different fields before finding the insurance arena and knows what it's like to be a customer and the expectations needed to satisfy each of them.

Sam Shiwgobind
Licensed Sales Producer

Sam is a seasoned allstate producer.  His vast years of experience enable him to be a great solution provider to our customers.