Supplemental (Voluntary) Benefits

Ask us about our supplemental voluntary insurance plans today.  The is for the extra or additional coverage that can be purchased to help pay for services that your regular insurance policy does not cover.  Examples are medical expenses, deductibles, co-payments and coinsurance.

We can help you with all the extra curve balls that life tosses at you. Plus, we can bundle all your policies to save you money.

You already have insurance?  Fantastic.  Now let's talk about some non-covered costs:

There may be situations where you are in need of replacing your lost income, paying your rent or buying food.  This can even cover transportation expenses for loved ones to visit you at a hospital.  Let's not forget continuing to pay for your health coverage so you don't have a lapse in your benefits.

It can be worrisome which is why supplemental insurance can help put your mind at ease.

Can you believe that about 60% of the costs of dealing with cancer are attributed to non-medical expenses?  These are not typically covered.  This is another reason to get supplemental coverage.  Give yourself and your family peace of mind.

Call us today toll-free at 844-617-7444 and get a free quote.  We appreciate the opportunity to find you savings and help get the best coverage for your property.